Friday, December 08, 2006

The Turtles Among Us

Just thought I might point people in Royce's direction. He's thinking about it.

On recommendation, I'm reading R.W. Emerson because sometimes the only reason we do, produce, love these things is to chance upon writing a string of words that we never thought possible. I'm all about Providence; I think that might have something to do with transcendence, perhaps; although experiencing Rudolph with a quirky middle child on the cusp of adolescence can be equally transcendent, provided the BlackBerrys are in the drawer

I don't have one, not enough email, I'm not really consequential in a transactional sort of way. I just thought the WSJ article was somewhat sad. But there’s always stuff that comes between children & parents, sub any substance/item that can spur obsessive & compulsive behavior -- like blogging. And with an ironic eye, we can turn back to Royce our Libertarian, friend in absentia, and wonder if the kid(s) (sorry M'ville, it's not going to change) gave you a sideways glance that said it all. Mine have.

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