Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I think they call this a sea change election. Whether the change is directed towards some new set of priorities & goals or a reaction to the perceived dysfunction is certainly speculative.

The analysis is as varied as the audience: netroots keying in their progressive self important take (that’s unexpected); the Republican establishment minimizing and making nice; and the somewhat startled appearing Democrats with their hesitant sound bites designed not to spook the center -- which has absolutely no idea what ticket they just punched.

It is punched. For the next two years, at least, we'll be treated to a mish-mash of liberal lite and union-speak emblematic in priority number one: raising the minimum wage. Culver & legis Democrats gravitated to this safe, poll tested issue to stake out their early leadership ground. I assume Democrats will stick to their poll tested issues for quite some time, no need to tempt fate and end up back in the minority too soon.

On the other hand, Republicans have a few things to learn about successfully maneuvering in the minority. Do they simply take contrarian positions despite public opinion or will they learn quickly to take Democratic priorities and reconfigure the policy goal using universal Republican principles of lower taxes and less government.

I suppose we’ll have at least two years to find out.

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