Monday, November 06, 2006

It's almost over & my two cents.

The weekend editorials and pundit columns have covered the basics: nasty, more nasty and irrelevant, an accurate picture of the campaigns on both sides. The phone calls & door knocking campaign geeks are out in full force putting as happy a spin on their candidates as is possible. The candidates are making their last sales pitches hoping that they’re closing at the right time. And voters are sitting back to objectively measure whether or not it’ll be worth stopping by the polls on a beautiful November day.

The people that read political blogs are not individuals who are undecided about their candidates. Someone may find a post or two on a particular candidate, but for the most part political bloggers and blog readers are political junkies in need of a fix. For the past year or so Iowa political bloggers have been pushing multiple types of fixes – it’s anyone’s guess what State, PF Chris, Ted & Krusty meltdown for their form of junk – and, on occasion, these blog ramblings filter out into Iowa’s MSM.

What I’m curious about, and it remains to be seen, is how much edge are Iowa political blogs putting into campaigns. Would the 50 million dollar earmark for the enviro-tourist trap be an issue in the governor’s race if the Porkforest blog & friends didn’t exist? More recently, would Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Denise O’Brien and her little animal cruelty problem be on the radar if Iowa bloggers didn’t bite on the story and move it? Even my take on Staci “power couple” Appel and her creepy motherhood & apple pie with the nannies state senate campaign may have gotten out of the box with the help of Iowa bloggers.

At this point, no one has any idea how this medium may be changing the dynamics of political campaigns, but we know one thing: if the Democrats landslide the hell out of Tuesday, the progressive “netroots” will be singing about a new day in political communications. I’d just encourage that song & dance while everyone else sets up for the next round.


For what it is worth – which according to some isn’t much – I’m voting for Jim Nussle; not because I like him a whole bunch but because the spoiled elitist alternative packaged up in Chet Culver is just that bad. Although, anyone spending a disproportionate amount of a life in politics often ends up a spoiled elitist, call it an occupational hazard.

Oh yeah, Bill Northey for Ag. The last thing this state needs is a PETA fight with a Crunchy Liberal.

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