Friday, October 27, 2006

Steve King, the Fence and 2008

I doubt there is any need for editorial comment on this Radio Iowa report.

...Congressman Steve King, a Republican from western Iowa, is celebrating. "I'm really pleased that the president has signed the Secure Fence Act," King says. "That's an issue that I've been working on. I first raised that issue here in Des Moines on August 22, 2005, so we're about 14 months down the road...That's fairly quick by legislative standards."

King went so far as to build a scale model of the fence he envisioned along the border, complete with an electrified wire along the top -- similar to those used to farmers to corral livestock. "The price tag to overall build just the fence and the wall is in the area of $2 billion. The concrete wall that I've designed and that I've testified on and demonstrated before the Homeland Security Committee...costs about $1.3 million a mile," King says. "But we're spending $8 billion on our southern border to pay the border patrol, so roughly a fourth of an annual budget will build this entire barrier."

King says the fence will help not only stop the flow of illegal immigrants, but the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S. "It's the American people who deserve the credit," King says. "Yes, I raised the issue...but the American people demand that we seal our a matter of stopping the bleeding at our southern border."

The fence will stretch along 700 miles of the roughly two-thousand southern border. King says that means the fence will be built in "high-traffic" areas. King predicts new roads will be built to try to skirt around the ends of the fence. "So I think we'll have to extend it," King says. …

Steve King for Senate! I haven’t put any political advertising in this blog, unlike some blog tools, but for Steve, I might just change my mind. I know Congressman King is not a fan of bloggers, but who knows he might grow to love us when we promote a Steve King for Senate campaign as the only rational choice in 2008.

The quest for a two thousand mile fence, one that very possibly will be visible from space, is visionary beyond expectations. And we certainly need vision in the US Senate.

Wow, I think that is my first official political endorsement, and it’s an endorsement that has nothing to do with 2006.

Uh, I contract to national security and intelligence community elements of the USG.

The border today is controlled neither by the USG nor the Mexican government, say my clients.

The border is not going to be controlled, either, with moonbat fences. But the bill makes a good political statement about "doing something", and doles out more money to a large, geographically dispersed defense contractor.

Of course, this comment is about the fence, not the viability of Mr. King.

You know, thanks for writing and I am not sure why you write. Nevertheless, I've figured out that in this place I am an artifact, at least outside of my home. And I know this has nothing to do with your comments and only slightly relates to my post, which is deliberately one dimensional in structure and tone, an act of subtle subversion. But after reading Peggy Noonan's column yesterday and thinking about Edmund Burke (just a little, too much will give anyone a headache), I have figured out that if you don't really have a place to fit, but people are curious about what you think, you become an artifact. An inanimate subject that at convenient times has context, meaning and value. I think writing a blog is an extension of that convenience. In the end, I somehow don't think that is a good way to spend a life.

Anyway, back to that fence. I actually think the only real fence is in restructuring the money flow across the border, but that doesn't make for cute photo ops and may create significant political instability for our friends south of the border.
I'm glad to read of your enthusiasm for King. As I've watched and participated in this political season that now never ends, I've often wondered what is driving our candidates. Why are they running? What moves them to do this? With King, you don't have to wonder. He tells you who he is, what he feels, why he feels that way and what he wants to do. I haven't heard one other candidate from either side do that.

I LOVE Steve King for being his own self and not a product of some marketing campaign.

He really has a shot to beat Harkin. Sign me up!
Enthusiasm is an emotional state that can run hot or cold quickly. And right now, under this election year funk, a warm blooded Steve King looks like a hot choice for 2008. I'm looking forward to an election with candidates rooted in their basic political philosophies. It's much easier to keep some level of interest.

A correction: It should be 'object' not 'subject' after the word inanimate. It's been bugging me all day, when I wrote it I knew it was the wrong word but at the time I couldn't bring myself to use the word 'object' in that sentence.
Steve King is precisely the type of bulldog that we need to take on Harkin. Enough of this B.S. about being nice and positive with Harkin-it won't work.

We need to draw very bright lines and call out demonize Harkin, which shouldn't be hard because he really is demonic (in Halloween terms).

RPI should begin buying anti-Harkin billboards and newspaper ads in January of next year and have some aspect of Harkin's sordid and very anti-American career drilled into the minds of hte voters by Election Day 08.
Anyone know where I can get an irony detector repaired?
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