Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chet Culver wants to be our next governator

What Chet might be thinking out loud somewhere in Iowa

“Ya, that Jim Nussle, he’s a scaredy-cat, a big baby hiding out from President… ya, here me now, and believe this later: if you want to play games with me, let me tell you now the thing: "Let the games begin!" Maybe you don’t know English. Maybe you see only TV ads and say ya, I vote for Chet, ya, he knows how to pose and show off the pump. Hear me now and believe me later - but don't think about it ever, because, if you try to think, you might cause for me not to be governor.”

A little dated, I’m allowed, but the Culver camp “hiding out” press adventure just smacks of stupid. For one thing, it’s obvious that Nussle doesn’t need to crowd a presidential visit organized around supporting a Congressional candidate; too many political stars on one stage. Moreover, it’s very possible that Bush may be back closer to the election working the Western end of Iowa where vast, by Iowa standards, numbers of Republicans reside and a Presidential visit will help rally the GOP base. Finally, Chet certainly jumps all over this issue and seems comfortable speaking off the cuff on Nussle's choice to skip a fundraiser – no notes or memorized talking points whatsoever. Are we worried yet?

Chet Culvwer stands for abortion, gay marriage, human cloning, illegal immigration, and seizing private property through eminent domain.

Those are not Iowa values, family values, or Christian values.

Those are the values of Hollyweird and the liberal elitists who will destroy this country if they prevail.

On top of that, Culver is just plain stupid.

That is why I will be voting for Jim Nussle.
Chet Culver stands for abortion, gay marriage, gambling, human cloning, illegal immigration, and seizing private property through eminent domain.

Those aren't Iowa values.
Those aren't family values.
Those aren't Christian values.
And they certainly aren't MY values.

On top of that, Chet Culver is
just plain stupid !

I'm voting for Jim Nussle.
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