Saturday, September 23, 2006

My November 7th Wish List

It’s a little over six weeks until we bury this election and I have a list of things I’m wishing on. Some of these things are selfish suggestions, they’ll help with the blogging, other suggestions are random ideas that I think will improve the universal peace of mind. And, since this is my blog, my peace of mind matters.

1) I want everything, well almost everything, on You Tube™. I mean everything, from the debates, to the ads and even the homemade videos of the candidate's public events -- notice I said public. You Tube™ video can add so much to the debate when you consider that at least 90% of communication is nonverbal.

2) I want Iowa bloggers to expand our range of topics and start writing about the races down the ticket. There are only so many words you can tap out about Chet & Jim before we’re running blogger rehash.

3) I want that Steve Deace guy to experience the consequences of his cheeseburger habit, not completely mind you, just a wake up call to a healthier lifestyle.

4) I want that lifestyle change that Steve’s adopting to kick-start his immediate suspension from WHO with plenty of time-off for treatment.

5) I want Chet Culver to have every opportunity to speak extemporaneously to as many voters as possible – I told you it’s a wish list.

6) I want Jim Nussle to lose the Wink Martindale vocal quality when using prepared scripts – I know it’s important to enunciate and speak crisply when making an important point but the lilt throws me off, all I can think about are those damn Orbitz commercials and Cancun.

7) I want guys like Todd Dorman to ramp up the snark during these last few weeks…please.

8) I want the Gannett Company to implement an immediate cost-cutting initiative at the Des Moines Register that spurs the innovative merger of editorials and news. Oh yeah, check that one off. (BTW - thanks Larry)

9) I want all Type A Democrats and Type A Republicans to find their inner stoner for at least two hours every day – so whether you’re using chemicals or your own mantra, we’ll be assured that for at least a few hours a day the go for the throat types are in Om land.

10) I want God to shut down the testosterone supply twenty days prior to the election or, if that’s not possible, I would like a little more of that inner stoner peace for those last few days. I suppose that means I need a mantra, how does 'endure the guys named Lars', sound?

It's all possible...sigh.

If your heart is set on #10, then this can't be great news.

Any bets on who will be the first candidate to don a helmet and ride in a tank?
I want to see Dennis Kucinich and Gary Bauer in a ten round Texas Style cage death match.
guys, it's a wish list so I'm lucky to get YouTube saturation and my own mantra.
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