Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Writing is often a combination of idea and emotion set to the theme music in your head. It is most true in the world of blogs, where disparate thoughts are pulled together from the place you happen to be standing on that day and smacked down in a post.

A year ago, we were in the throws of an unimaginable natural disaster bearing down on the Northern Gulf Coast states of Louisiana and Mississippi. I wrote about it.

given Katrina is the story/tragedy of the week, month, possibly even the year and she is about to make landfall in Louisiana, I have collected a handful of blogs from New Orleans. Some are professionally produced others are just average, every day... folks that got up one morning and said; "I'm going to start an obsessive new hobby that will alienate everyone I know". Just kidding. Anyway, this is the list in no particular order.

Pitch & Green -- Seems to be some normal person with a habit.
Sanctums Porch -- A slacker's blog; don't look for regular posts, but the guy's from New Orleans.
Unapologetic – This one is put out by some artsy 30 year old with interesting taste in music and parents with a condo in Destin.
The Blog Pros -- I think these guys get paid for this stuff, in other words, this reads like the news we already have to eat. …
All of these blogs are still up and current, yet there is not much posting about Katrina a year later. They have gone on with their lives, some in NOLA & some in new places, and they don’t find it necessary to share any thoughts on their personal natural disaster anniversary.

Perhaps that’s how it is -- a life-changing event doesn't need to be reminisced, as it is the axis upon which an altered life is built; Katrina is part of the every day for these bloggers working quietly to define choices and reframe life. I don’t know how survivors of Katrina see their history, but I hope they’re all making damn sure that the different life set at their doorstep is made up of good dreams.

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