Thursday, August 17, 2006


This is a good week for team Nussle: Radio Iowa on Chet’s efforts at walking the fence on illegal immigration.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver supports a repeal of the Iowa law that declares English the state's official language. But Culver opposes a move to let illegal immigrants pay in-state college tuition to go to Iowa, Iowa State or UNI. "We need to work on enforcing the current immigration laws and illegal is illegal," Culver says. …

…Polls indicate a majority of Americans -- and Iowans -- support laws designating English as the official language. Culver says he's willing to go against the majority view. "You know what, as governor you have to do what you think is right and I believe most Iowans want to be fair and equitable," Culver says. "All of us are immigrants. My family came here in 1861. I'm a fifth-generation Iowan...I think it is important to repeal the English Only law."

Are there that many votes in Iowa’s Latino community to take a position on this issue in a statewide race? I guess after promising to spend all that crazy IPERS money on crazy venture capital funds, he's not counting on a certain rural demographic to swing his way in November.

Chet must be suffering from the verbal runs this week, not a sign of a healthy campaign.

My apologies for the off-topic comment....

I need your help folks, apparently the word has gotten out among the liberals about a poll I'm running about whether the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper is liberal, Conservative, or fair. They're voting 'Conservative' to taint the poll.

Understanding the poll is not scientific, I'm not asking you to stack the vote, I'm just asking you to help get the word out and participate in the poll as you see fit. The truth will come out with honorable people participating in the poll.

Thank you,

Mike Thayer
I think that even most of the hardcore AFSCME and ISEA activists would agree that making money should be the job of the financial advisors, rather than functioning as an arm of the Iowa Dept of Economic Development. It's funny, when it's their money, they get a little touchy, but when it's your own (partial privatization of Social Security) then government knows best.

Even those who may agree with the idea have to admit that this incident reveals some cracks in the Culver campaign itself. This doesn't appear to be well thought-out, and it has to upset the unions, which are Culver's base. Advantage, Nussle.
I'm a third generation American with grandparent immigrants. I am one of those Iowans who want to be fair.

Is if fair to all of the immigrants who have legally entered this country over the years to reward some for entering illegally?

Is it fair to all of the immigrants who want to legally enter the country to be jumped by those who did so criminally?

Is it fair to allow immigrants to enter our country and insist that we change our language and social customs to accomodate them-a demand that previous generations of immigrants never made?

Almost everyone I know is in favor of liberal LEGAL immigration, but no faster than the culture can assimilate. So Chet, why is it so hard to formulate an opinion?
Ms. Anonymous,

All you had to do was listen to Jan Mickelson's show last Tuesday to hear how deep the cow pie is that Sen'or Chet just stepped in.

Just click this link and listen to what "real" Iowans with "real" names have to say about Sen'or Chet's risky plan to gamble the retirement savings of Iowa's teachers, law enforcement officers and firemen for union payola.
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