Monday, August 14, 2006

M.A. Hanusa for SOS! Why not?

I don’t usually get to flip a press release out. Normally some member of a club is on it, but today I just happened to be working on this thing when this press release arrived. I checked around and OK has it up, it is news and collecting the news is her job and blogging is not my job, a habit...a wretched, compulsive habit that may require heavy doses of SSRIs at some point because I’m actually starting to dislike this stuff, besides, everyone has a blog...and it doesn't seem to have been picked up by the standard blogging crowd.

Anyway, the Republican Party announced that they’ve found her. Yeah, figured they didn’t put the traditional female on the ballot as governor-in-waiting so needed to shore up female independent voters who look at Republican men and get a funny feeling that a few too many of these guys secretly admire the anti-modernist sentiments found elsewhere in the world.

The Party solved the problem and nominated a safe and sanctioned election year token. I am not suggesting Mary Ann operates like a token; it’s just that any “minority” candidate nominated under these circumstances will have to live down that cynical assumption…and I’m sure she will.


DES MOINES – The Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee announced this evening that they have unanimously nominated Mary Ann Hanusa to run for Secretary of State.

“We are thrilled to have Mary Ann Hanusa as our candidate for Secretary of State,” said Hoffmann.

Mary Ann Hanusa, a native of Council Bluffs, has been active in her community and Iowa politics. She worked for Senator Charles Grassley in his Council Bluffs office.

The official papers to put Hanusa on the ballot will be delivered to the Secretary of State’s office by Republican Party of Iowa officials before the August 18th deadline.

She sounds like a reasonable candidate and probably not nearly as hairy as that Mauro guy. I haven’t found a picture, but I am sure she’s holding her own at forty-something (that stuff counts in celebrity culture) and ready to walk the walk with the big guys selling brand GOP.

M.A. (I have no idea if she goes by M.A.) is a long time GOP staffer/activist originally from Council Bluffs, most recently of the Bush White House and now back home for an extended election year holiday. The GOP & M.A. may have to worry about the dirt the Dems dig up on the Bush White House correspondence protocol. On second thought, I doubt Mauro wants to make mud slinging a part of this campaign.

If they can get past the obvious politics, the GOP Central Committee probably did the Party a favor by nominating a likable woman as the Republican choice for Secretary of State.

WHy does everyone think there is some conspiracy to nominate this woman? No one asked anyone to find a woman. They didn't eliminate men just to bring in, as you call her, a token.

How about she was the most qualified of those that were seeking the nomination. How about she won that nomination fair and square?

Do you reveal your bias that women can't achieve unless there is some bizarre affirmative action program for female candidates?

This is the R party. We judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of their gender.

As a woman, I'm surprised that you would automatically assume the successful candidate was a token.
Gentle Reader,

On occasion people will use terms, such as "token", in ways that brings out the connotation of the term without implying that the subject actually is defined by the term. It's called subtext.
I just saw this post Ms. Ennui.Mary Ann is very impressive in person and on the phone.
She ran a good campaign to get the nomination.
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