Thursday, August 31, 2006

Look: Ted on a Treadmill...or is it?

On some days, politics needs to take a back seat to treadmills. (HT - the resident adolescent) Anyone else catch the resemblance to a certain real blogger in a circa 1980s frat party look?

Yes, State, Kyle, Stan and anyone else that's gettin' bent about a lack of feed, I'm working on it.

I'm not having any problems with your feed.

That is freakin hysterical. How did you know Ted had a fondness for white bucks? Just ask Lamberti about that.

So much for Burton Rider and his opening for the Who. (see Krusty) HA!

Glad to see you up and being funny.
OK-I'm way, way sexier!!!
I just had a certain gestalt in my head about the real sporer. Ted, you're missing the irony, or the fact that irony is interesting in so many ways.
But that guy can play me in the movie.
good thinking
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