Monday, August 28, 2006

Fastballs, Changeups & Knuckleballs

Writing a blog is similar to an overly long season of little league where the players and parents, except Super Jock Dad, want it to end. But it keeps going on and on, providing ever more opportunity for parents to deep end with embarrassing displays of unfulfilled childhood ego needs.

I suppose that’s a long way of explaining how I feel about this project; it was fun, but now I’m showing up out of some odd sense of obligation. Funny, nobody really misses this stuff, so it’s hard to figure out to whom I feel so obligated.

To spice up my writing, and in the spirit of our blog “take a joke” culture that shows on occasion, I’m working in the trash talk. I’m going to make as many subliminal, derogatory slang comments as possible. On second thought, a number of experts suggest that using on-line mediums to direct sexually explicit slang towards individuals is a form of bullying, and no one intentionally sets out to be a bully.

I know, I know -- I’m willing to play in a field rife with adolescent mindsets, I should expect anything and everything. Sigh.

The big reason I am writing is that I don't want to wait for Iowa bloglanders to take up unique points of view on current political topics – and I’m excluding State29 in that generic assessment. I’ve been reading blogs using changeup and fastballs, but I’m not seeing the Knuckleballs – writing that doesn’t spin and follows an unpredictable path.

I figure, if I can throw down a few knuckleballs I should play, even if all I want to do is go home.

I guess all I can say is "I'll try to be less predictable."

I need an alter ego so that I can display the full "real" sporer.

Public scrutiny limits my unpredictability.
I'm using an accurate description of a knuckleball to give myself an excuse to think it's marginally important to write. Oddly, at one point I had both you guys listed along with State, just didn't want to put too many in or out.

Frankly, what's wrong with a fastball or a changeup? Those are the pitches that win games. A knuckleball is only something a pitcher with a less than fastball would bother to pick up.
Just keep the pitches coming!
Please don't stop writing. I've noticed a bit of depression and a sense of not being appreciated.

I read you every day and am disappointed when you don't post. Perhaps the lack of attention is a testimony to the completeness of your thoughts. You aren't open ended. State 29 is my other must read. Wish I could just say "nice job", but can't. It's hard to add to it.

You provide much benefit. I hope you continue.

War Chicks with opinions!
Thank you. I don't know what else to say. I'm quipless; y'all said the right things in perfect order, and no woman in her right mind steps all over rare occasions.
Good. Glad to see you UP this morning and posting. Good knuckleballs!
I don't think anyone comes back to read these so here goes...

I wish the people that think saying a few nice half truths will motivate someone to keep working for scraps ought to know better. Playing a fool does have its limits.
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