Monday, July 24, 2006

Odds & Ends I: a load of miss matched stuff – the blogs

I’ve sort of been ignoring the new blogs because I don’t want to mess with my template –I’ve had problems lately when I mess with stuff. But I can’t avoid blog maintenance forever.

Caucus Cooler

It’s one of those “insider” Republican blogs focused on the Republican presidential types jostling to be it by this time next year. In time for that little mentioned Straw-Poll™ event where the presidential teams corral their sheeple for a bus trip to some field in the middle of Iowa where everyone sort of wanders around visiting the…

Oh never mind, soon everyone will figure out how contrived the Iowa caucuses have become, besides, we’re now competing against Nevada. What do you think: pie & ice cream with the healthy farm girl & her grandpa or pomegranate martinis with a klatch of friends sportin' permanently fixed, err, teeth. Then again, Iowa may serve a purpose by allowing the DC Makers to see how well a presidential type can schmooze local business & party elites, the only kind of retail that matters once a candidate survives the first few rounds.

On that count, at least on the GOP side, we’ll give it up to Romney, Pataki & Huckabee for putting together Iowa teams, overpriced free agents and all, that’ll make it to the play-offs. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to figure out the wild cards. John McCain?

One more thing: to the political talent (probably a few of those overpriced free agent types) hovering around the cooler – you know you can put up a password-protected blog; y’all might enjoy having your very own playground.

The Real Sporer

I totally appreciate fearless, and it seems to work well for guys with a certain genetic predisposition for assertive self-interest (this is a good thing; trust me).

Polk County GOP Chair Ted Sporer’s blog may end up sounding a little like the rest of us -- a pastiche of ideology, politics and knife throwing that emerges from an overactive brain -- but he's signing his name. I think it’ll be fun to read, and I hope that Ted will write often about his first hand impressions of things like marauding radio announcers wrapped up in their own circus tent.

Joe says so

Joe says many things that are worth reading.

Thanks for the review. Feel free to visit and show your support for the candidate you think the Rs should nominate.
Thanks for the link! See you around the blogosphere.
Thanks & we anticipate quality spin out of y'all.
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