Monday, July 31, 2006

Odds & Ends II; blogrolling

This is a light post and then off the clock for at least a day or two. I/we have things to do.

A few emails announcing new blogs or requests for 'be my friend' blog status, etc have bounced into my email. I'll just post up the basics and let y'all figure out which ones are worth reading...

A few weeks ago, the folks from Blog for Iowa sent an email suggesting that we link up. I'm still thinking on that one, a little forward for my tastes. Actually, I plan to sort my links into left & right spin with a soak file in the next few weeks. I'm just in the middle of other stuff right now.

Blog for Iowa is a liberal-e blog with the usual liberal-e thinking. Whatever. But they are nice enough to ask if I want to be their blogland friend.

I've already covered Joe, Ted & the Caucus -stem celled from another Iowa konservative blog - Cooler. These guys probably don't need any more attention.

I have neglected the two requests for blogroll status from presidential campaigns, until now.

Jeff -- dude, you are way too earnest for politics -- Fuller on Team Romney or T.R. or something. Enthusiastic is the hallmark of this Romney for President and "no, not just because I am a Mormon, too" blog.

Straight Talk Something is a new blog offering from the McCain group. I have no idea how this will shape up, a recent post is a smart guy take on an Atlantic Monthly article about shifting political attitudes out West -- upshot we all want cowboys in the White House. Dunno about that. It'll be interesting to watch this blog find a voice.

I have to post this short exchange from Kevin.

Kevin Schmidt here, I've got a new blog for the Iowa Caucuses and was wondering if you might add me to your blogroll and maybe give me an intro!

Last time around...


can't stay off the stuff, eh kev? ;)



It's like crack! I've tried rehab, but I just can't seem to quit!

I'll probably end up in a gutter somewhere....


Kevin, I hope you don't mind, I just had to post the email exchange. I'm glad you're back and you look to be in good form. I'm sure the wear & tear of being a blog-addict won't show for a few more years.

Last mention: I haven't really said anything about the revival of State 29. Enigmatic as always, there is nothing to say and too much to say about State, although I think the JC GOP bloggers hit it dead on when the described State as "insightfully vulgar". Live with it.

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