Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Iowa: revenues are up and the money's spent.

Iowans pay record in state taxes during past 12 months


Iowa collects record $5.77 billion in state taxes

So we can spend it on

Program urges proactive path to better health: A new initiative enlists churches, schools and community centers.

How about a tax cut?

Nah, it's too much fun to think up redundant policy to grandstand on during an election year.

Admittedly, sometimes it's safe to assume that programs like that are government funded, but as it turns out, there's nothing in the Register story to confirm that. Are you sure it's the case?

I'm not implying that the cancer & obesity programs are currently government funded. But honestly, you can't have Senator Jack Hatch, co-chair of HHS approps, talking about "Democrats" and "programs" without thinking money.
Timing for the special session couldn't be better. The house should send a taxpayer rebate to the Senate.
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