Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Quirky Blog & Etc Round Up

A pathetically slow news day -- yeah, federal officials raided a DeCoster egg farm for illegals and that story’s been ripped & pulped by State. There’s not much else to write about, so thought I’d skim the blog world.

Todd Dorman’s blog is always good, if a little sporadic. This week he’s spot on with some budget number crunching. I’m particularly fond of the creative & innovative idea of selling off naming rights to state buildings. I’ll add that we could extend it to phrases:

Lucas, Knapp Time.
Any takers? I think we could actually pull real money out of that deal, or at least someone might pull real money out of that deal, particularly if we tear down and rebuild a Lucas somewhere closer to a soon to be built I-35 exit ramp.

The Ames Wire is on a kick to expunge Leonard Boswell from the Democratic universe; must be a bunch of progressives posting to that blog. Republicans have “Christian Conservatives” and Democrats have “Liberal Progressives” -- group think politics (if you’re not for everything our leaders want, you’re against us all). My problem with group think politics is that it always sounds a little too much like a command and control form of government, the kind made famous by one too many dictator-run communist countries.

Meanwhile, party wings are busy shredding incumbents: From the Club for Growth’s email alert system (this stuff is free, just sign up):

It's official. Anti-Bush-tax-cut liberal Republicans are taking Tim Walberg's Republican primary challenge of Congressman Joe Schwarz seriously.

A few days ago, Sen. John McCain flew in to do a fundraiser for the incumbent of Michigan's 7th district that reportedly raised $137,000. McCain, as you recall, teamed up with former Sen. Tom Daschle in an attempt to sink the pro-growth Bush tax cuts.

Let's match that $137,000, dollar for dollar, so Tim's campaign has the money it needs to match the incumbent's campaign.

It’s going to be an interesting 2007 in Iowa Republican politics; the message control freaks are going to have to load up on mood stabilizers just to survive the modern day pamphleteers.

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