Monday, June 19, 2006

My Iowa Convention Round Up

I'm inspired by all the blog coverage dedicated to the politically inbreed navel gazing excess, or more commonly referred to as our state political conventions.

O. Kay did a great job; impressive brain to finger processing speed, unfortunately she worked some obscure editorializing at the GOP confab (the use of table salt on a lunch is a worthy digression?) while sticking to the party talk when working the Dem fest. Despite O. Kay’s editorial comments, it’s helpful information for the folks that didn’t attend either event. We get some idea about what’s going on under the big tents.

Chris at Political Forecast and the Johnson County GOP bloggers covered the basics and offered up unedited commentary on the atmospherics of each of the conventions. It was good finding average political junkies posting independent analysis of the conventions in real time.

It's been interesting reading today’s follow-up posts. State 29 is cranking -- on that good KC ozone, I’m sure -- a few well placed digs at the DMR and their version of fair & balanced news coverage. Can anyone explain to me why a story on the GOP convention needs to include some rabid 'I hate all Republicans' comment from a leader of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance? And State 29 shreds Mike Glover for the glaring omission of the word “not” from this Sam Brownback quote:

“Republicans should [not] be afraid of backing the war, the senator said…”


Krusty, as expected, dives into a healthy dose of rah-rah for the GOP candidates and applies towel level spin to Nussle’s acceptance speech.

If you have ever been to a concert, you know how the crowd anticipates the main act taking the stage. That’s what it was like when the light went out, and a video introducing Nussle started to play. Once his name was announced the room went nuts. Talk about a party united behind its candidate!

Nussle then yelled out “Good Morning Iowa.” Maybe it’s just me, but that line reminded me of Reagan’s it’s morning again…

I know you’re a Nussle fan but it couldn’t have been that good, nothing -- outside of expensive chocolate and other natural endorphin producing activity -- is that good.

Krusty takes a more critical approach when discussing the Republican PWs in town to shake hands and shake down the county level activists. If you’ve noticed, Krusty is not interested in being pinned down to a particular Republican PW at this time. Earlier this year Krusty, et al produced favorable spin about Mitt Romney, but lately Krusty’s not so sure, so he’s checking out all the options including The Commonwealth’s George Allen.

It seems too early to think about the wannabes, but I suppose the insiders need to join one of the rides, if only to work the PWs fundraising networks. There really is some sort of big fish/small fish thing going on in politics.

A few other bloggers have posts up about the conventions. Kyle, the political madman, makes a few quirky observations and not all together related to the convention. Kyle, I have a feeling you’re experiencing what I might call “campaign denouement”; the French always know how to define a sensibility. The guys over at Common Iowan put together a couple posts on the convention, with special attention given to Ed Fallon’s speech. John Deeth notices the lack of PWs attending the D's convention and makes a few important historical comments on the IDP platform process.

That’s it for a post convention blog round up. I know that almost two weeks ago, after the primary, I commented that I hoped the political elite took the time to listen and actually hear their rank & file. I don’t know that it happened over the weekend. Ed attempted to convey to Democrats the need to make a political hard tack back to issues that are important to average Iowans – like a real eminent domain law (see Common Iowan link). On the GOP side, I suppose Jim Nussle’s 99 ideas is a node to the average voter, I only hope it'll become more than a campaign artifact.

What I wanted to find in all the coverage was a sense that political leaders understand that we’re jaded. Sigh. If you’ve ever tried to woo a jaded soul, you know that you need to start with a little empathy to get anywhere.

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