Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm owning my tech-idiot moment.

Clipping around in the Iowa blogs this evening I found this entry and comment string at Common Iowan.

For some reason I decided to search through some Rightwing blogs tonight. I came away with one interesting observation... a ton of Rightwing blogs don't allow users to post comments and if they do most of the time the blogger has to approve them (Iowa's own Krusty Konservative is one of the few who allows anyone to post comments) . From my experiences, I would say it is close to 2/3 of the Rightwing blogs that I visited don't let you post comments. What's up with that?

I love getting comments on this blog. I think the open dialogue is one of the best features of a blog. It seems that Rightwing blogs would rather preach and stay away from open discussion. I guess even though the technology might change, some things never do.

I guess there isn't much of a point to this post. So please just post you comments about anything. How am I doing with the blog, what issues would you like to read about, what are your thoughts on something, whatever. If you disagree with something, let er rip. Open debate is always a good thing.

I am very sorry that I may have caused blog-posters to spend time composing a thought only to have the comment lost because I failed to review and approve the comment for posting. I'm admittedly a tech idiot/savant - some things I can figure out quickly other things require kind strangers pointing out the obvious.

When I reworked the html for style, I updated my comment process to filter spam, but somehow I managed to enable the monitor option on the comments. Oops. Again, my apology to readers who may have taken the time to write a comment to find that it was never posted. It's fixed.

Sadly, I kept wondering why no one was commenting -- truly a tech idiot moment.

I'm allowed.

"It ain't the heat; it's the humility."

--Yogi Berra

Thanks, Iowa Ennui.
I completely understand...I get a lot of spam comments on my blog (over 4000 in three weeks) and I think I've caught some legit comments in it by accident. So, no worries.
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