Friday, June 23, 2006

Governor Energy

I wanted to energize the blog world, and this GOP press release on the new WSJ/Zogby poll showing off the Nussle "trend lines" wanted to be plugged in somewhere. It’s a wait and see on the numbers; trends are not evident in one poll, but voters seem to be moving in Nussle’s direction.

A little fact left out of the press release is the statistical margin of error. In all fairness, it’s important to point out that the margin of error on this “interactive” poll (check out the methodology section for the definition of interactive) is +/- 4.4%. Doing the math, the race is within the margin of error, essentially a tie.

No one knows how the race is going to progress over the next few months, but everyone knows that November will hinge on which candidate "energizes" his voters. I'm okay with the theme, just so long as no one gets on a treadmill for some dorky political ad.


DES MOINES – A new Wall Street Journal/John Zogby poll reports Republican candidate for Governor Jim Nussle is surging ahead of Democrat Chet Culver, 47 to 45. The poll bolds well for Iowa GOP candidates across the board, since it confirms Iowans are sick and tired of the empty promises and negative, partisan attacks from Culver and the rest of the Iowa Democrat ticket. Additionally, it’s the first time the national Democrat pollster has listed the Iowa Governor’s race in the “Lean Republican” category. ... (link)

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