Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chet's Final Jeopardy!

I can almost hear the music: Chet’s looking at the formal papers requesting the Secretary of State send the vetoed eminent domain bill back to the House and he’s wondering what the correct answer…is

When the governor vetoes a measure during a legislative session, it goes back to the Legislature for an override attempt. When the governor vetoes a measure after the Legislature is adjourned, it is delivered to the Secretary of State, where it is filed away.

Rants asked Culver to return the bill to the Legislature by the end of business on Friday, but a Culver spokesman said he didn't know if that was legally possible.

"We're not sure what we can do," said Charles Krogmeier. "We're talking to the attorney general and we frankly don't know what we can do."

If Culver does send the bill back to lawmakers, they will then have to decide what to do if they return in a special session. (Cedar Rapids Gazette AP story link)
Chet Culver’s political fortune may hang on this one decision. Does he play politics and attempt to maneuver around the legislature’s request using the AG’s legal opinion from 1998, or will he let it slide, something like the SOS Nigerian-scam friendly database, and hope that the politics of protecting the fundamental right to property disappear by November?

See, I told you it would make you think about that stupid electronic pan flute noise they used to play to make sure the home audience would never ever think of the right question to the Jeopardy final answer.
Hey, this is sort of fun, at least for some people, so I’ll toss out my version of Chet’s round of political Final Jeopardy:

Governor Jim Nussle

What is Chet Culver loses the general election because he stopped passage of legislation that would have protected average Iowans’ property rights?

I’ll probably get some obscure note from some well-paid lawyer -- sitting around sans appropriate shoes & any clothing taking a break from posting on dorky political blogs to do a little work -- politely issuing a cease and desist order on the use of the term Final Jeopardy.

I’ll let y’all know if I get one. And I’m not from The Commonwealth, but where I come from we still say ‘y’all’, h’ay’ and secretly appreciate the few tobacco barns still standing down in the tidewater, at least the ones that haven’t been forced through the use of eminent domain into the hands of rich suburban development companies for purposes of inflating an exurb-saturated political subdivision’s tax base.

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