Friday, May 19, 2006

Governor ?

I’m an equal opportunity blogger when it comes to pointing out the stupid. Yesterday, a clump of Democrat legislators went on record to confirm that Chet Culver was indeed a lobbyist for IBP – one of those evil animal protein processors with their own Latin America to Iowa employment programs. The quotes from the WCF Courier:

Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs said Culver needs to admit being a lobbyist for the company.

"We all knew that. He knows that. It's time for him to own up," Gronstal said during a conference call arranged for reporters by the Blouin campaign.

[House Minority Leader] Murphy said Culver introduced himself as the son of former U.S. Sen. John Culver and listed off his clients, including IBP.

Murphy said the conversation stood out because of who Culver's father was and because Dubuque residents at the time had been concerned about the possibility of IBP moving into town.

"It was not something that Dubuquers wanted to see happen, so when I heard that, I remembered it. But he admitted to me at that point that he represented them as a client," Murphy said.

Rep. Phil Wise, a Democrat from Keokuk, said he knew back then that Culver worked as a lobbyist for IBP.

"That is just an absurd assertion that somehow it doesn't count," Wise said.

This looks like a pull out the stops, try to make up some ground, last-ditch effort to see Blouin win the nomination. The irony in this attack is for Mike Blouin to call Chet Culver “corporate”; Mike, after all, is the choice of all the well-known, centrist corporate types. Right?

The sad reality is that Ed Fallon is the candidate for the times. He’s not the ‘best’ candidate and would likely get pasted in the general by Rep Jim Nussle and his juggernaut of a GOP campaign, but he’s saying the right stuff. What’s not to love about his tag line “I’m Ed Fallon, and I am not for sale”? It could be that people don’t seem to want to buy what Ed is usually selling, but that’s another story.

At the end of the day, June 6th to be exact, the winner of the Democratic Primary will have to go out and hustle tons more cash and figure out a way to appeal to voters sick of Vilsack’s big spender legacy.

I know what you’re thinking -- okay not really and I’m not sure I want to know -- but put Congress in context. When you're one of 435 and have the difficult job of saying ‘no’ to your colleagues and then watching the ‘no’ appealed up the leadership food chain, it’s tough.

Jim Nussle will be great at saying ‘no’ as Iowa’s executive head of the political food chain, likely because he didn't get to say it enough in Congress. A Governor Nussle will make sure that a ‘no’ to increased government spending sticks followed by a big 'yes' to tax cuts.

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