Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CIETC is officially a scandal; CIETC board member/consultant pleads the fifth

The CIETC story is old news. We know that a bunch of clever bureaucrats ended up with lucrative employment contracts in exchange for hooking up marginally educated kids with minimum wage jobs. (My SO keeps tellin’ me I need a CIETC style six-figure job; I keep tellin’ him he might not like the unwritten part of that job description.) But it’s getting interesting once again with the first character smart or nervous enough to plead the fifth. Reported by Radio Iowa:

… Legislators had issued a subpoena to force CIETC board member Dan Albritton to appear before the panel, but with his attorney at his side, Albritton refused to testify.

That makes Albritton the first of seven CIETC-related witnesses to refuse to answer legislators' questions. Albritton "took the fifth," saying at his lawyer's advice he was exercising his right to refuse to answer to avoid incriminating himself. Legislators say they want to question Albritton because he not only served on the CIETC board but was also a paid consultant for the agency and he bought a boat with CIETC's former C-E-O, Ramona Cunningham. …

What you need to know about Dan Albritton:

Dan Albritton
Represents: Labor
Term Expires: Nov. 2008

A native of Perry, Iowa, in nearby Dallas County and a resident of Polk County for more than 20 years, Dan Albritton was appointed to the Prairie Meadows Board in 2002. Since 1972, Dan has been employed at Bridgestone/Firestone and has been a union member of Local 310, United Steel Workers of America. As President of South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Dan represents more than 30,000 union members in 15 counties. He is an executive committee board member of United Way of Central Iowa. Dan is a member of the Iowa Citizens Action Network, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield labor liaison council. He enjoys helping others and has been a lifelong political and human rights activist. (Link to Board member bios & minutes)

As I recall, the IFL-CIO is often in the business of political endorsements, and the gubernatorial pick for the Dem primary: Mike – endorsements without voters – Blouin.

I wonder if that's anything like buildings without walls?

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