Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Politically Speaking: A newspaper blog worth a look; it's not just opinion page retread.

hotlineblog: the countdown

Some questions that could be answered this time next week:

-- Is Vilsack's political standing hurt a bit in the state if Blouin doesn't beat Culver? What does that mean for Vilsack's presidential prospects, particularly if Culver ends up as governor? The one WH '08er who has given Culver the most love is John Edwards.

-- Will the GOP nominee in IA 01 be too conservative to win in November? The one saving grace for House Republicans when it comes to Iowa is Democrat Leonard Boswell. He's probably the most vulnerable Democratic House incumbent in the country. The Republicans could lose IA 01 and still break even in the state if Republican Jeff Lamberti is as strong as he looks right now in IA 03.

Georgia Unfiltered: who is Andre? And why Iowa?

Bob's Blog: What, you guys need more energized rah-rah so you gotta get a blog? Actually, I think this is one of those dreamed up on the bus at 2:00 a.m. ideas - punch that survives campaign group think to become ...

I want to take a moment and welcome you to my blog. It's a new addition to our website and I'm excited to have the opportunity to share with you my stories from the road, the issues Jim and I are discussing with voters and the latest campaign happenings.

For instance, just this past Saturday, I ran in my first competitive race since high school. The folks in Elkhorn were gracious hosts at their Tivoli Festival, an annual Danish celebration ...

... Dutch humor.

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