Tuesday, May 30, 2006

After a long weekend

This is an odds & ends post because I have way too many boxes to sort.

The WaPo Fix ranks Iowa's third for the first time...

14. Iowa's 3rd District: The biggest oversight in our last Line was not including Democratic Rep. Leonard Boswell. Boswell's Des Moines-area seat is extremely competitive between the two parties (Bush won it by less than 300 votes in 2004), and Republicans have fielded a strong candidate in state Sen. Jeff Lamberti. Lamberti is running as an outsider to Washington, insisting that Republicans and Democrats inside the Beltway are simply not delivering for Iowans. It remains to be seen whether he can convince people in the district that choosing him amounts to a vote for change. (Previous ranking: N/A)
And the first moves up to second...

2. Iowa's 1st District: Both parties host competitive primaries on June 6. For Democrats, former trial lawyer Bruce Braley is the frontrunner, although Republicans believe he would make a slightly easier general election foe than Rick Dickinson, a former state representative with strong ties to the business community. On the Republican side, the race is down to state Rep. Bill Dix and Heart of America founder Mike Whalen. (Previous ranking: 3)


State 29 is asking some tough questions about the newly inked renewables legislation, although I don't believe that Iowa can sit on our combines and watch other states aggressively push quasi-protectionist ag policies.

The Des Moines Register says: One of the bills Vilsack signed at a Statehouse ceremony requires that 25 percent of all fuel sold by 2020 be renewable. (emphasis added)Requires? What do they mean by requires? …

… The department may impose, assess, and collect the civil penalty. The civil penalty shall be for at least one hundred dollars but not more than one thousand dollars for each violation. Each day that a continuing violation occurs shall be considered a separate offense.

Could the State of Iowa fine residents $100 to $1000 for not meeting the goal of HF 2754 by 2020? Am I reading this correctly? …


Krusty is attempting a hat trick with the clever vilification of Mike much-too-moderate Whalen (like the DMR endorsement and his ethanol problems aren’t going to be enough to kill his shot) combined with the anything but subtle hustle on behalf of Bill Dix’ campaign. TouchPlay, the Iowa ag race and now Mike Whalen: can an organized group of insiders on a political blog derail issues and candidates through the use of consistent, strategically built posts and comments?

...Why Mod Whalen, you look like somebody just walked over your grave. If you are not a fan of the movie Tombstone …

… Anyway, for the past month or so it has become apparent that Mod Whalen has decided to buy the 1st CD Republican nomination. Whalen has dumped almost $340,000 into his campaign. It looks like Bill Dix is fed up with Whalen’s attempt to purchase the nomination and dumped in $100,000 of his own money for the final week of the campaign. …


On an unrelated related item, Dick Armey's group (you remember Dick Armey? The boot stompin', econ PhD holdin' former Majority Leader of the US Congress) is sending a flurry of email urging his fans to talk to members of Congress about the so called 'net neutrality' legislation. This is elite speak for "gotta shut, oops, regulate it before 08". Who wants Media-tele-aol-dot companies to control content?


Finally, John Deeth takes on the two GOP candidates running for Secretary of State. He shreds the GOP candidates’ proposals for increasing ballot security by pullin’ the card. I wonder what JD might say about the rumors that certain counties have denied campaigns access to the list of voters applying for absentee ballots for this upcoming primary?

… It's the airport security, guilty until proven innocent mindset.

Allison would tighten voting laws by eliminating the use of "third party" couriers to deliver absentee ballots. He also favors requiring voters to show photo IDs...

Dopf favors shortening the period for casting absentee ballots, as well as instructing people to give a reason why they are unable to go to the polls to vote.

Allison and Dopf object to Gov. Tom Vilsack's executive order last summer that restored the voting rights of tens of thousands of felons who had completed their sentences.

Perhaps that has something to do with these stats from the Campaign to End Felon Disenfranchisement…


Now back to the sorting.

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