Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lundby clips a single into left field

The new Republican leader in the Iowa Senate, Mary Lundby of Marion, made her inaugural appearance on Iowa Press this weekend. Overall, a good first IP: outside of looking a little nervous at the beginning, she answered questions with honesty and humor while deftly sparing with the deans/dons of Iowa’s political reporting scene – David Yepsen and Mike Glover.

The best moment had to be when Glover, I think it was Glover, asked her about the minimum wage. Senator Lundby went right into, and I’m paraphrasing, “nobody’s asked me, not Gronstal, not Murphy, no Democrats have asked me to consider an increase in the minimum wage”.

Every aspiring political strategist should watch that exchange; with one sentence, she took a major Democratic campaign issue, raising the minimum wage, and put the Democrats on the defense by suggesting they’re not serious about bringing the issue to the table. The comment is relevant given the fact that Senator Lundby is known to be supportive of labor and workin’ stiffs and likely supportive of at least discussing an increase in the minimum wage.

It’s another week of negotiations, and who knows; perhaps Gronstal & Company will start talking to the new Republican leader about some of their important issues, like increasing the minimum wage.

Nah, that would require the Democrats to come up with a new set of class warfare issues to take into November.

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