Thursday, April 13, 2006


I know so many of us miss the irreverent, and on occasion tasteless, State 29. Reading S-29, surely some sort of ethanol-blended bunch of guys, required a little tolerance for off-color comments, but you put up with the stuff that didn’t work because when it worked you were laughing, blushing and debating whether to be outraged or figure out your own way to snark back.

State is off somewhere in the KC area, probably getting his kicks by verbally torturing his cubical mates. But no need to be in a funk, we have Kevin.

Line the Cage is a pastiche of irreverent comments & fisk from the mind of Kevin Schmidt, formerly of dwarves & Juice.

Kevin’s been hounding the editorial blogs of the Des Moines Register for months. I first noticed Kevin when he made this beaut’ of a comment to some long-winded, lame-ass blogatorial on government funding for early childhood education – link. Nice, yeah?

A second mention: check out Lying Around Iowa, he's blogging the Iowa Senate intrigue. I hope that we'll see a few insider observations on the Iowans for Tax Relief and their golden lists.

Thanks for missing the State 29 blog. It would have been impossible to keep writing it from here in currently very hot and always suburban Overland Park, KS. Even Carrie Bradshaw gave up her column when she moved to Paris with Petrovsky, right?
You're welcome. Please post often, particularly to some of the more outrageous blogs showing up in Iowa blog land.

You know, I'm not a SIC fan, too much testosterone in my house - they tolerate only so much girl TV.
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