Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Heartland 527 game.

Todd Dorman’s official blog asks for inspired words to help Vilsack in his quest for a Democratic message. How about…Government only works when we spend all the money.

Gov. Tom Vilsack has been asking fellow Democrats who visit his Heartland PAC Web site to sum up their party’s message in 10 words or less. The goal is to craft a coherent, concise slogan that sticks with voters in November and beyond. Vilsack formed Heartland PAC to raise money and help lay the groundwork for a possible presidential run. (If 10 words don’t work the PAC, which actually is a 527 group, has raised $1.3 million in the past year)

I’m sure some aspiring political strategists out in blogland can think of 10 words that sum up the Democratic Party. Here’s your chance to contribute. Democrats, Republicans and independents are welcome.

I’m taking Mr. Dorman up on his suggestion that we all contribute to Vilsack’s ten words or less project. To make it more fun, at least for me, and to avoid massive vowel mistakes, I’ve made missing letter puzzles out of phrases and their pseudo-authors. Good luck. If you need help, look at the links first and then write for hints, and not to my glitched IE email, but into the comments section.

D4m6cr2ts: w4’r4 n6t a9l g85lt-r5dd4n r5ch wh5t4 p46pl4.

(J6n C6rz5n4 & R6b4rt R8b5n)

S8pp6rt g6v4rnm4nt, 5t’s b85lt f6r gr2ft.

(R2m6n2 C8nn5ngh2m)

F6rg4t 5sl2m5c t4rr6r5sts, pr6t4ct 2m4r5c2ns fr6m 2m4r5c2.

(N2nc9 P4l6s5)

If y’all are nice and it's required, I’ll post the translated versions tomorrow.

2 - a
4 - e
5 - i
6 - o
8 - u
9 - y

And you're right, in the instance used, y is a vowel.
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