Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dueling Politics

The Iowa Democratic Party comments on Vaudt:

What did Dave Vaudt Know and When Did He Know It?

DES MOINES – This week, it was reported that an employee for State Auditor Dave Vaudt is the wife of one of the top paid executives at the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium. Deb Dessert is a director at the State Auditor’s office and is married to former CIETC chief operating officer John Bargman.

“The question that must be asked in this investigation is, ‘What did Dave Vaudt Know and When Did He Know It?’” said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan. “What other connections does Dave Vaudt’s staff have to the CIETC scandal and has he told us everything?”

The Nussle campaign plan for improved government oversight:

Jim Nussle will create an Office of Inspector General to enforce accountability, measurable standards and transparency. The Inspector General would have the authority to root out waste, fraud and abuse; issue subpoenas and initiate investigations.

The Nussle Plan for an Office of Inspector General

Independent Entity. This authority would act as an independent entity instead of a political tool. The Office of Inspector General would be a position appointed by the Governor of Iowa, and must be confirmed by the Iowa Senate. The Inspector General would serve a six year term.

Enforcing Accountability. The major function of this new agency will be to investigate allegations of fraud, mismanagement, errors or omissions in any branch of state government.

Guaranteeing Transparency. In order to restore Iowan’s confidence in our abilities to spend their tax dollars wisely and provide critical services to those most in need, we must create a safe way for state employees and concerned citizens to be able to voice their complaints. They must be confident that someone in state government will objectively listen and take action.

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