Friday, March 31, 2006

Writer's Block

I knew it would happen. I would wake up one day and not have any ideas on what to write, or think -- eke -- scary. But so what? In the words of some inspired existentialists: let the water hold you down, and I've decided to take a bath and let my toes soak for a day or two, in the meantime…

…I have a list (my anecdote to writer's block) of things I hate about politics, some picayune things and others that are common knowledge.

1) Money. It isn’t going away, it’ll always drive it; the only thing we can hope for is that the Jon Corzines of the world will multiply and grow strong so that at least we’ll know our elected officials will answer to just one special interest.

2) Campaigns. Obviously related to number one, money makes campaigns go ‘round. But how many pre-packaged, mass marketed, resume perfect people can we stomach? Then again, once our candidates are elected, the shrink-wrap comes off and all sorts of bad habits tumble on out providing colorful examples of personal train wrecks.

3) Idiots. Although rare, some of the political types that move up the ranks are not exactly working any edges. Policy making demands that a politician have at least one sharp edge in one subject matter or all you have is a well-paid seat warmer... and we have very warm seats in some places.

4) Slick. It’s an occupational hazard. They can’t help it; a politician in office for longer than a month will quickly figure out they gotta’ keep their cards if they want to go anywhere. However, it becomes a problem when politician speak devolves into a chronic habit of asking questions they already know the answer to in an attempt to get the clueless to blab on and on.

5) Nasty. Another occupational hazard. We all know what this looks like on the campaign trail, but it also shows up in legislative work through acts of commission and omission.

That’s it. My short list on what I hate about politics. Nothings going to change, I just have to decide if I want to keep paying attention to it all or go find some new toys to play with.

I think you know what I'm goign to say here, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

If you're that sick of money in politics and cookie cutter conventional campaigns, you should be helping Ed Fallon end them.

Okay, but y'all need to explain to me Ed's new found affection for Mike Blouin. What's with this teaming up for soup suppers?
It isn't about Blouin at all. It is about Nussle being for the people who can afford $200 dinners and giving a hand up to those who can't.
Yes, because if Nussle holds a fundraiser, that means he wants everyone who isn't there to go hungry.
Noneed...I'm going to assume you are all of twenty-something and are only a few years past believing in rainbows, butterflies and cute little puppy dogs. This is class-baiting politics at its worst.

I expect much more out of Ed Fallon; in this instance, by teaming up with Blouin, he looks like a total sellout.
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