Monday, March 13, 2006


I’m happy to admit that I am wrong. Tonight, the Iowa Senate actually voted, 40 to 10, to ban the lottery TouchPlay machines.

What’s her name, the Senator that pushed hard to ban TouchPlay machines?

That’s right, Senator Mary Lundby of Marion. She drafted the amendment and she didn’t flinch when Senate tradition almost got in the way.

And isn’t Senator Lundby a member of the Senate Republican leadership?

Why yes, Senator Lundby was elected to the Senate leadership just about three weeks ago, much to the chagrin of some mysterious konservative(s).

On to the House...where the guys are going to try to not let it look like the gaming industry sliced a couple shots on the back nine of some links style course with great seascapes; although, the House mindset has always been in the right place on this issue, windburns or no windburns.

On that note: why doesn't Iowa have a golf trail?


UPDATE: House passed the Senate TouchPlay ban, but must have felt sorry for the clerks milling about the Rotunda and gave the retailers until September 1st to pull 'em.

Who's bright idea was it to go on a golfing trip the weekend before this vote? And who is this lobbyist? Is she like the connection of evil with gambling and tobacco clients? Or just filthy rich?
As you may have guessed, I have a job that doesn't lend itself to blogging.

A gambling lobbyist went on this trip? I did not know that, I should probably read my links.

Anyway, is it a good idea or bad idea to take “self-paid” junkets with legislators, friends and lobbyists? I don’t know, I am sure other people have opinions…or political motives.

I do have one thought: a single decision is irrelevant; it's the set of habits someone acquires over time that sets up the game.
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