Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mnemonics and the 1980s

I did not want to have to blog on this particular story, but nobody else took the bait. Okay, it probably has something to do with the ease at which sarcasm comes to mind when you think of this phrase…“The 80’s are Alive”.

The intended meaning has to do with 80-something Iowa House votes (meaning at least 29 House Democrats said ‘yes’) for a couple of bills the Senate Democrat’s don’t like; restricted use of eminent domain for economic development and tax relief for seniors through the phase out of pension and SS taxes. However, it’s the phrase’s implied notion that any cultural relic from the 1980s can be resurrected; although, I will always welcome a Talking Heads tour.

Whenever I think of the 1980s – and no, I wasn’t five or even a tweener with idol worship of the original Madonna Ciccone; although, I do profess a fondness for the Madonna – they come to mind with a cringe for the big hair, micro-minis, and pink lipstick; although, I’ll cop to one of those sins, a little pink lipstick with ripped jeans and my Dad’s oldest moth eaten sweater held together with safety pins (yeah, punk wannabe). So, sure it’s flip, “The 80’s are Alive”, but oh, it brings back some cringe worthy memories.

GOP spin people are you positive this mnemonic connection was a good idea?

Oh, I forgot, the spin emanates from a bunch of guys workin’ middle age; the memories – co-eds that say ‘yes’, fortitude of all types and a future. We all deal with the middle one way or another – some of us choose the snarky-ass blog approach.

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