Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Mike & Andy Show

I’ve been holding off comment on Blouin’s curious decision to ask Dr. Andy McGuire to join him on the ticket. Why do I think it’s curious?

It again confirms the obvious about Mike Blouin – he’s not a Democrat and certainly not a Republican -- although Republican-lite does fit him nicely -- no, Blouin & his team are Corp-o-crats.

An adaptation of corporate -- not that there is anything wrong with pushing policies that are business friendly or promoting economic development above all else, but it’s short sighted. The political theory that voters are more interested in vague notions of economic development above politics or other policy is about the most naive assumption any campaign can make.

While Blouin marches off some middle of the road corporate friendly deep end, all the other wannabes are busy making choices that shore up their base; the ultra cons in the GOP feel loved for the first time with the Vander Plaats pick and Patty Judge is at the very least a female veteran in the Democratic Party. Both the Vander Plaats and Judge picks are designed to firm up a good chunk of the base, and after Ed Fallon’s Democratic convention showing in Polk, Johnson & Story (we’re all waiting for Political Madman’s post), he can put just about anybody on his ticket and the base will wink.

Can someone explain to me what base Andy McGuire firms up.

The union of insurance company medical reviewers. You know the people you argue with over the phone to get your last ER visit covered. I suppose, since Andy is part of the corporate culture that denies health care to the insured, this group is all for the Blouin/McGuire team.

The Roman Catholic pro-choice women. How many of these women actually exist in Iowa? Go to either coast, you’ll find ‘em, but outside of a small percentage in the metros they don’t live here. They all left after their abortions. Moreover, no one has yet asked the indelicate question about whether she’s preformed abortions as a practicing physician.

The working moms with large numbers of kids. No way, she makes the rest of us look bad or at least feel bad that we married guys that encouraged time out of the workforce to care for our infants and small children. Something about brain development in the first six years of life and parents being the best choice as primary care givers. I can’t wait for the late campaign news reports all about Andy’s nanny issues.

In the end, the Andy McGuire pick is pointless. Sure, she might be a great speaker and all extrovert energy, but you can’t overcome a resume that’s not designed for politics. Nobody wins a primary on the metro cocktail party circuit.

The only way the Blouin/McGuire team is going to limp out of the primary is if our current Terrace Hill royalty jumps in and twists arms all the way down to the polls. Good luck.

Dude - First of all, Patty Judge was a republican in the 1980's. Ask her.

Secondly, Blouin and McGuire are a great combination. You seem to think the D base are all Deaniacs & Falloniacs. Those folks are important and part of the party but they represent 10% or less of actual primary voters. They make about 90% of the noise but the majority of primary voters are looking at the bigger picture; who can beat Jim Ross Lightfoot Nussle and his runningmate from Amsterdam; that far-right wing nut job running mate van der I have a flat or whatever his name is. Blouin & McGuire win big in a fall election; by 7-10 points. John Culver's son is a nice enough fellow but what executive or serious leadership experience does he have? He ran a class room as a teacher. He ran a 75 person agency that is 90% civil servants who have been there an average of 17 years. Who fills out John Culver's son's administration and helps him run the $6.5 billion organization called the state of iowa? What happens when there is a disaster? Does anyone really think Chet has the leadership and management skills to run a $6.5 billion organization? He missed a constitutional change deadline and couldn't even figure out who won the 2004 election. He's also had a terrible record attending meetings with his colleagues on the State Executive Council; an important place to provide statewide leaderhship.

Would you turn over the keys to your Ford Fiesta to the Chetster? I wouldn't. And the Vilsack folks will not stick around for John Culver's son if he wins. Ask them. None respect him and his leadership. Blouin and McGuire are well seasoned adults that have run organizations, provided executive leadership and are right on the politics for us. The only reason Choice is even on the radar is that John Culver's son keeps bringing it up. You'd think he was for abortions. No one really wants abortions; we want them safe and legal and as a last resort - no questions asked. And it is not a political issue for explotation. Reject explotation by John Culver's son; endorse an adult team to run our state. Go Blouin!!
I fear a Culver administration for the reasons go blo! states. I think there will be a 7-10 point margin in November, too, just not the way go blo! wants it to come down.

Also "They all left after their abortions." is gold. Frickin' gold.
Thanks for asking for my thoughts, I've posted them at my place.

That asking her about performing abortions is way out of line. Even a rudimentary understanding of medicine would let you know that she wouldn't ever be in a position to do that. You might as well ask Jim Nussle if he's ever fucked a guy.
Umm, Boys, I hate to burst your delusional mental bubble on the issue of pro-life, pro-choice, abortion, whatever, but South Dakota put that issue into play. 'Nuf said.

As for Drew's indignant how dare I even bring up the A question I don't know enough about health care -- nice try, but you have no idea.

Dr. McGuire attended a Catholic medical school and it seems like she managed a transitional year in a primary care residency at a Catholic hospital so she would have avoided the issue in the hospital settings. However, I am assuming she did at least one gyn rotation and it’s not inconceivable that she was faced with the situation of participating or not participating in a pregnancy ending d & c in the ob/gyn office. You tell me.
I don't want this to sound pro-Blouin, as I am not committed. And everyone is entitled to their opinion.


It's totally, totally irrelevant to ask a freaking insurance executive, who, before she was an insurance executive was a doctor whose practice focused on the study of the brain about her med school rotations that were 30 freaking years ago...and occured well before Roe v. Wade.

Look, skepticism is fine. But you're dismissive of McGuire to the point of being glib. (Though I agree your glibness is teriffically entertaining...and true...on the "They all left when they had their abortions" line.)

Look at Virginia, where an experienced CEO has become the hot to trot anti Hillary candidate (and has a 70 percent approval rating in George Allen's home state.) It's OK to look beyond government, beyond the statehouse to find candidates with practical managerial experience.

You can call me dubious about your, "South Dakota makes all this relevant" claim. First, call me when you EVER see that clearing the Iowa House. In the event Roe v. Wade were overturned it would not make all abortions would just mean that idealogically conservative states like, say, South Dakota, could go ahead and try to force a lid on a pandora's box. Beyond that, the legal outlook for the little stunt up there in Pierre is precarious at best. An appelate court could slap the amendment down within a week of its passing and the Supreme Court could turn it down on its face. Roe still has a 5-4 majority on the court. (And we all pary for J.P. Stevens' health every hour on the hour...)

Now, Chester's ticket has some major flaws (intelligence, corporate money to Judge, ability to beat Nussle) and Blouin's tickets has some serious flaws (somewhat conservative, not exactly populists, neither have won statewide office).

Let's keep this a debate where it should be: Beating Nussle, and providing the best plan to keep Iowa moving in the right direction.

I don't know which candidate that is yet, but dismissing anyone at this point, before a debate and three months out from a primary is just...premature, if not stupid.
howard dean lived in the mcguire home and she was a deaniac. explain that one.
I think it would be to Blouin's advantage if Dr. McGuire did have some direct professional experience with d & c procedures. It certainly might help with the pro-choice voters.

Speaking from a perspective that understands the whole female reproductive thing first hand, South Dakota does freak a lot of people out, even if we’re all sure the courts are going to knock it down at every level. That is until we hit the big one, and with some major changes on the SCOTUS bench, I don't think a SCOTUS decision on Roe V. Wade is predictable -- hence, all the interest in dissecting the SCOTUS nominees writings and comments on precedent.

Also, I think you are so wrong to think that the Iowa House could never push a pro-life bill out of the chamber. It could happen, of course, the Senate will stop it dead.

Yeah, my comments are a bit glib, but that's why people read it. If they want serious they go elsewhere.
Iowa Ennui:

I love the glib. Come with it often.

Wanted you to know, though, since you imply otherwise, that I am a woman...a pro-choice woman. And, Rounds' decision today does put us at risk but...I don't think Mike Blouin would put us at any more risk for something like SD than Chet Culver.

(Nussle, of course, is a VERY different story.)

Blouin's promised not touch abortion all. The logical end I take that to, and I'm sure what Blouin will say, is that includes (totally bass ackwards) legislation like that proposed in SD.

And you're right about the House, I meant the Senate...but hey, let's pick up a few more seats and take both houses and Terrace Hill. What do you say?
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