Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Chet

A link to the new "Chet" blog is making the rounds. It’s mean, but so funny; and mean is usually funny if there is a shade of truth to the observations. We all have our challenges and the new Chet blog takes full advantage of the collective wisdom when thinking about a few of Chet’s, umm, challenges.

In all fairness, I believe Chet Culver can put together a few coherent sentences. This is a portion of Chet Culver’s February 2005 testimony to the U.S. House Committee on House Administration discussing the Iowa implementation of HAVA.
Today, I was asked to report to your Committee on three aspects of Iowa’s HAVA implementation:
  • our experience with HAVA implementation;
  • HAVA’s impact on the recent election;
  • and our plans for 2005-2006 that will result in Iowa’s full implementation of the HAVA election reforms.

Iowa’s Experience with HAVA Implementation

First, our experience with HAVA implementation in Iowa. Simply put, our experience has been an extremely positive one. It has brought Iowans together to bring about positive changes to the process that lies at the core of our democratic values – voting.

Through HAVA, Iowa is making good election administration the very best it can be.

Since we first began HAVA implementation in Iowa, we have made it a priority to reach out in an extensive and inclusive fashion. Underpinning our state plan is more than two years worth of assessment and input gained from 19 public meetings held in communities throughout the state. … (link)

Although, if Chet does manage to get the keys to Terrace Hill we all better hope he springs for a couple of high priced speech writers, or it's going a be a long four years.

see? chet make speech. he also go to meeting. speech sound better since you not talk about mean county auditors. they not like chet or hava.
see chet talk. see chet run. see chet out of breath (has anyone noticed that he's gained 50 pounds...) chet, he talk perty. he no smart. speech writers kant help bad talker.
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