Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Iowa Bloga'nistas

Is it just me or is there a sudden pissing match going on across Iowa that requires any person with even the slightest inclination to obsess politics to pick up and start blogging?

What's with this and this and this?

A clue to Mr. Bacon: it's a good idea if the writers produce a little more than a few blog posts before being blog rolled, that is unless by virtue of a pay check you're sure they're going to be around for a while.

The guys behind State 29 are inspiringly avant-garde on all counts -- first in, first out.

Thanks for the advice. Right now, I keep tabs of all the blogs on my blog roll. If they aren't posting regularly, they're dumped. That way, I don't have any dead links (for long) in my blog roll. Like Iowa Ramblings, for instance. If someone links to me, and wants a link in return, it's only common courtesy to do that .
You really hate new blogs, don't you?
We've been around for ages. Look in you comments. Most of them are us.

Thanks for the link. You've trebled our traffic.
Thanks for not calling the Krusty Konservative a Bloga'nista because it would have taken me too much time to figure out what you were actually calling me, and Fridays are always busy.
No, I don't hate new blogs. I just simply hate everything, a direct outcome of the initial experience that pushed me into blogging. And, frankly, if I didn't make a little bit of fun at the expense of new bloggers' who would?

I'm glad people want to jump in and put out a blog. It'll make the rest of us that have been writing for a while either move on or work a little harder at it.
We're not competing, we're suplementing.
Do you blog for other bloggers or for those that you never hear from? Or is it something a sad attempt to satisfy our own vanity by convincing ourselves that someone out there may care what we have to say?
I'm a "wait and see" blog roller too, although I'm also an optimist and leave dead blogs around much longer than I should.
It's all too complicated. If you are that curious about the start of this project, I suggest reading the I.E. entry for July 3, 2005.

I really don't hate everything, I just don't have a passion for anything, well, except for a few inspiring people that I happen to live with. Oh, and just to brag, my kid has a "rated" i-mix and he’s only been out of diapers for ten years.
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