Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fallon on corporate welfare

Posting a press release; I have to keep up with all the other bloggers publishing the random press releases fed to their in-boxes. Besides, he's going after Vilsack's corporate welfare program.


State Representative and gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon (D-Des Moines) will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon on the west steps of the Capitol.

At the conference, he will pop 24 helium balloons, representing 23,700 jobs, the difference between the number of jobs the Iowa Department of Economic Development and former Director Mike Blouin claim to have created with the Iowa Values Fund, and the actual job creation data presented in their last report. Fallon received the actual job creation data through an open records request made to IDED in late February.

“It’s important for Iowans to know the difference between the truth and what they’ve been led to believe,” Fallon said. “If the Department of Economic Development had actually created the 25,000 jobs that were pledged, that would be one thing, but there’s no data to suggest that’s really happening. Research done by my staff and interns show that less than 1,300 jobs have actually been created.”

At the conference, Fallon will also present his own plan for economic development.


Fallon for Governor Press Conference
Thursday, March 22
2:00 PM
State Capitol, West Steps
Des Moines

It should be good sport watching Fallon take on the goofy habit of promoting government handouts to big business.

It’s one thing if we carve up our tax code for some industry advantage – a modicum of efficiency in that stuff. It is entirely different when we collect tax revenue from almost everybody, particularly those chain-smoking TouchPlay fans, to fund government administration and a few corporate bottom lines. I’ve never understood the point of the Iowa Values Fund: dole out big chunks ‘o’ money to billion-dollar companies that use the cash to buy naming rights to publicly financed buildings and use the leftovers for the decorative granite & copper in the new division HQ in Iowa’s only exurb.

I may take off work and have to go to this! Down with the Values Fund!

As someone of your political beliefs, do you believe that any Democrat is better than any Republican?

Isn't Fallon biting his brethren in the ass when does stuff like this? Does he not know that he's re-enforcing the Republican nominees position?
Fallon's doing what he thinks is right. Since when is corporate welfare a Democratic value? (Since Vilsack and Blouin fell in love with the idea?)
The age-old question, which devil do you want.

I suppose the one that'll give me a job. I've decided it's much wiser to have a practical, mercenary edge than to keep givin' it away. I mean really, my mother did warn me...
Fallon doesn't care about Republican/Democrat divide. He votes on principle and believes the Values Fund is bad for the majority of Iowans.
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