Wednesday, March 01, 2006

DD moment

This is my blog, so on those occasional days when things just seem freaking-nuts, I figure I can vent…okay, whine. Perhaps instead of Rachel Ray I’ve found my inner Debbie Downer, except I get too pissed off to plate it out like Debbie, so I’m less down and more what the…

To explain.

In one of those goofy office power struggles I spent thirty minutes attempting to convince someone that they didn’t need to have 50 identical cut & paste emails printed off and sorted. I lost. So fine, passive aggressive me prints out every ridiculous email – penis enlargement & Nigerian banking opportunity and all – for a to-read folder.

And for the most poignant moment of the day, someone asked me a question about a topic I know in detail and I found myself brain fishing for a simple response. The only thing that prompted any recall was the name of an economist that I had corresponded with on the topic a few years ago, but I couldn’t put together a thoughtful sentence outside of a “I know that guy, good guy”. Ouch.

My brain is filled with sorting & filing instructions. Send help, preferably cheap and consumable.

Okay, I’m fine.

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