Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Kids on the Block

A few very inside and very edgy bloggers are spinning Iowa politics from a decidedly Republican perspective. They all seem to know an awful lot, which is good, but they also seem manicured, too neat, which I suppose is okay.

The new guys:

Who’s Makin’ Bacon? – Funny and perhaps camp Nussle connected. Bacon had the Nussle /Vander Plaats announcement in blog text a few days before the mainstream press. (I know we missed it and we should have picked it up and memed it out across the universe…we’ll get it right...eventually.)

The Smoke Filled Room – A self-described insider with a dead on analysis of the Nussle/Vander Plaats meeting of the minds. This is the blog to read if you want to know the back-story to a Yepsen column.

Politics in Iowa – A group blog that seems to have at least one insider on the editorial team. The guys like cellared single malt scotches, cigars and testing Republican friendly spin. My guess: buddies from college, over thirty but under forty and swimming in their own form of ennui.

Krusty Konservative – I haven’t figured this one out, probably just another guy with a habit.

They’re good and completely worth reading, but it takes some of the innocence out of Iowa blogging, particularly Iowa political blogging. Most of us that write Iowa-centric political blogs are not really insiders. Some of us, I put myself in this category, may have met some of the major characters, but we don’t know them, probably never will. In my world, political blogging is simply an anecdote for my own unique form of inertia.

Moreover, the arrival of this new batch of insiders to the Iowa blogosphere will certainly raise the profile of Iowa political blogs. We’re not going to continue as armchair editorialists. The professionals have arrived, and for better or worse, it’ll create a blogging rubber room of political talk that will shape some of Iowa’s mainstream news.

It’s good, and it gives some of us the option to bow out of the political and focus more on the softer side stuff – furniture, food and our navels. Okay, I’ll probably never give up politics entirely, but I might find my inner Rachel Ray and blog on food & more food with only an occasional political thought mixed in. You just never know.

Insider? Not me. Wanna-be journalist is more like it. Sorry to crash the party.
Thank you for the kind words. I'll stand up and say that yes, I'm and Insider, but this whole Blog thing is very new to me. I've read them for a while, but I only know enough about blog sites to be dangerous.
To the new guys: Y'all can be whatever you want to be, it works for me. Oh, and dangerous is the essential element in a political blog.
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