Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music for the GOP

Bacon is on to something -- Vander Plaats pink slipped his staff and is signing up to sing on the Nussle tour. A splashy announcement is scheduled for Wednesday at the Capitol. Yawn.

This was inevitable. Republicans want to win back Terrace Hill soooo badly that any & all GOP family problems will be solved prior to implosion. This is backroom deal making at its finest (apply a little Puccini/The Who/Green Day for background):

Bob -- “I’ll trade my burning, albeit nutty, ambition to be Governor of Iowa if you make me your lieutenant governor and hand over the power structure of the Republican Party to me once you’re elected.”

Jim – “Okay, now sign.”

Guys in the Statehouse chorus – “Thank you God, the money’s not wasted, more for us to burn in our fight to save our Statehouse jobs.”

It's all good theater.

Correction -- It's not at the Capitol.

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