Friday, February 10, 2006

A journalist with a blogger's snark

In a break from all the excitement in Torino -- okay, I can only watch so many downhill runs before I am totally annoyed that I never made my S.O. take up skiing and that I live a place where it's ridiculous that the major sporting goods store even stock skis, although last time I checked they did have a slew of good boots & skis on clearance -- I thought I would honor the State tradition of searching the Iowa blogistan for newbies.

And what do I find?

Todd Dorman is posting to a blog on the Mason City Globe Gazette blog page.

Dude, like you don't have enough work to do churning this stuff out for a living. There are only two posts so far, truck fees and teen drivers' cell phone restrictions, but if we’re lucky Dorman might blow a plug, chew & swallow a few stupid pills and take up fisking politician-speak as a new art form. We can only hope.

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