Friday, February 03, 2006

"In God we trust; everyone else we audit," he said with a smile.

Do you know this guy? Probably not. But he’s about the only thing we’ve got standing between our bank accounts and the GovVilsackVac 2008.

This is Dave Vaudt, the Iowa State Auditor and perfectly pressed laminated speech in hand talking head crusading to save Iowa taxpayers from drowning in a pool of state budget IOUs. The great thing about Dave is he’s dogged about telling this same story over, and over, and over – sellin’ it one lonely Iowan at a time if that is what it takes.

Dave’s most recent rehash of the same story, as reported by Radio Iowa:

State Auditor Dave Vaught says the state spending plan Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack is asking lawmakers to approve will put the state in a deeper financial hole. Vaught, who is a Republican, says his own calculations show Vilsack proposes spending 230-million more dollars than the state will collect in taxes. "I would not continue to do this type of practice if these were my own finances," Vaught says. "Well, these are the taxpayers dollars and we need to make sure we're handling them in the same manner we'd handle our own personal finances."

Vaught warns the spending spree cannot continue. "I've always told people when you're digging a hole and you get to the point where you cannot see out anymore, it's time to stop digging," Vaught says.

Vaught also says Vilsack's budget outline does not include enough money to cover the state's obligations to pay Medicaid claims, nor does it include enough to cover the negotiated salary increases for state workers. "Does that mean we're going to have furloughs or lay-offs in the future?" Vaught asks. Vaught says he's optimistic legislators will develop a "more responsible" plan for the state budget year which begins July 1st.

You’ve got to admire a guy willing to stand up and read the same old speech. Even though Dave Knows that the gimmes across the parking lot – soon to be a taxpayer financed luxury parking garage complete with coffee bar and car wash (just kidding…sort of) – will wait a day for the story to die and then go right back to working the appropriations chairs to nail that extra 100 thousand in taxpayer coin for that one special project.

If we’re lucky, this story doesn’t die and voting taxpayers start to understand how much money we’re all on the hook for in future years. We can only hope that Dave keeps talking and more people keep tuning in to this budget mess.

The only suggestion, Dave you might want to hire some PR types to help get your message and the correct spelling of your name out to the MSM.

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