Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Culver & Judge; locking up the women’s vote.

Patty Judge’s anticipated exit from the Democratic gubernatorial primary is scheduled for public consumption at about 8:20 am tomorrow morning. There are probably a hundred reasons Patty’s getting out, the biggest one might have something to do with money. She couldn’t pull it down -- big surprise, a pig farmer’s wife from tiny Albia without real political money.

Anyway, this is where it starts to get interesting. As reported by Radio Iowa.

… A news conference is scheduled at the statehouse early Wednesday morning at 8:20 and it appears Iowa Ag Secretary Patty Judge will be endorsing Secretary of State Chet Culver's bid to become Iowa's next governor, ending her own campaign for the job.

Culver's campaign will only say Culver is getting a "major endorsement" but Culver will be holding five news conferences around the state and the last one is scheduled at the White Buffalo Restaurant in Albia, which is Judge's hometown. …
Hmm, end of Patty's big dreams or a team Culver/Judge birth announcement, your call.

As we all know from campaign finance reports, Chet & Daddy can raise the money to win a gubernatorial primary and keep it coming well into the general election. Of course, the majority of Chet’s money is from out of state, but what’s the big deal, it is the political version of economic development. And Patty has that pit bull thing down when it comes to collaring Mike Blouin with his incredibly weak record on women’s issues.

It’s not hard to see how Blouin is the big loser in this game. He keeps picking up these insider endorsements from union types, state leaders, legislators and well-connected bloggers. But is it going to make a difference to all those Democratic women primary voters looking at a Supreme Court tipped with five Conservative Roman Catholic jurists? If Democratic women voters have a choice between a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church on record as being anti-choice or a gubernatorial team with solid pro-choice credentials my money is on the pro-choice team.

Admittedly, it's the future photo-ops of Chet & Patty that I'm looking forward to posting that inspires this endorsement.

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I despair when I think of our state and local politicians.

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