Friday, January 27, 2006

...if you try sometimes you just might find

Rumor has it that Vilsack will veto both 4% & 6% k-12 allowable growth.

It sounds like a kick the can down the road strategy; if Vilsack can't get what he wants out of the traditional education budget process why not maneuver to pull the issue into the end of session budget negotiations.

With this strategy, Vilsack limits the influence of rank & file members on the education policy options that are funded. He retains full control of the Democrat education agenda -- something he must miss from days when the GOP controlled both the House & Senate -- and can push the education issues that are presidential wannabe friendly like teacher pay (a node to Big Labor -- Opinion Journal link) and early childhood education (a wink to Rob Reiner and his Southern California fundraising machine -- WaPo link).

Once again, this is confirmation that the session will produce some tedious, agonizing budget negotiations between our fiscally conservative Democrat poseur of a governor and the GOP cabal in the Iowa House & their Senate friends.

Up shot, no tobacco tax kids, so quit the whining, and yes, if you’re on the Governor’s favorite project list you’ll get what you need.

* This blogger's whine: okay, I do not diligently search for good links just to have people ignore them. So please read some of them. They're good. I promise.

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