Monday, January 16, 2006

Des Moines Register Round Up

Do you think the DMR is in the Culver camp with this sort of front-page headline?

Catholic majority possible on court: Senate confirmation of nominee Samuel Alito would mark a religious milestone.

If Samuel Alito Jr. is elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court following this week's hearings, he would become the fifth Roman Catholic justice on the bench, marking the first Catholic majority in history at a time of heightened debate on abortion, same-sex marriage and religious liberties.

A fifth Catholic on the court also would mark a milestone in U.S. religious history, illustrating the increasing diversity of faith in a nation whose founding fathers were predominantly Protestant.

And it would reflect the evolution of interfaith relations since 1960, when many Americans questioned whether presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy could lead the nation while remaining faithful to the Catholic Church. … (link to Chicago Tribune -- registration required)

Funny, after searching in vain for the DMR online link to this current front-page story, I started to think that perhaps it’s not posted to their web edition.

Go ahead, search this headline in the DMR Online's search engine and nothing pops. Hmm, do you think some irate campaign type from Mike Blouin's camp made an early morning phone call to let everybody know that when, okay if, the Blouin campaign gets out of June on life support they're not going to forget this political faux pas on the part of the DMR team of political news placement specialists?

I just wonder if they're going to give the same sort of, conveniently timed, news coverage to Chet “surfer dude” Culver and his database problems.


Larry Ballard, the guy behind the DMR's Workbytes column, is funny, obscure digressions and all. What's not to love about this string?

Except I notice that hardly anyone uses the F-word anymore. Let go, dumped, forced out, laid off, jettisoned, downsized, supplanted, transferred to the "home" office, dismissed, flushed, canned.

Or tanked. (Which is what you get after you've been fired.)

Call it what you will, it's every worker's second-worst fear. The first, of course, is being volunteered for the Strategic Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee.

Well, the Workbytes staff can empathize.

Not that we're worried, mind you. Heck no. This little mom 'n' pop operation is going great guns with record profits and skyrocketing readership, whose name is Al Stern.

Heck, we even got a $3.2 million forgivable loan from the state, just for agreeing to,,, use,, more, locally made,,, commas.

But just because things are all guns and roses here at Workbytes doesn't mean we fail to understand the anxiety many of you feel over job security.

We are professional journalists, trained to feel your pain.
Having a career history somewhere between Kramer and George (Seinfeld, for all of you that missed this TV era due to the often under appreciated surge in hormones experienced during the most forgettable period in life -- middle school), I laughed aloud, an exceedingly rare occurrence when reading the Register.

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