Friday, December 09, 2005

Odds & Ends

Midwest Mesopotamia checks in on Leonard Boswell and his well-publicized return to his job as Congressman for Iowa's 3rd District.


Donnie Fowler (The Huffington Post) takes on the National Democrats and their current wisdom on the nominating calendar. His take is good for Iowa & New Hampshire, but comments to his post are screaming the opposite. It might be the Democrats live through a muddle in 2008 and rethink it all again in 2011.


Patriot Skull Face blogs on his real world experience talking homelessness with some of the gubernatorial candidates. My favorite: the comments about Mike Blouin, I get the feeling Mike really doesn't like liberals.

(HT - Chris at Political Forecast...and yes, I am going to rework my links soon.)


Hey, guys, Bob & Side Notes, does everyone know people are reading. No, really, reading and aggregating.


For the season, BNL on SBC Blue Room with a live webcast of Elf's Lament (scroll for live performances and click on Barenaked Ladies).


Enjoy the snow...although Side Notes might disagree with me on that one.


Hey, IE, thanks for the link. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.
Wow. Glad they didn't start it until about now, it's been a pain in the behind eradicating the trail.
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