Friday, December 02, 2005

Odds & Ends

Midwest Mesopotamia spins a good post on the GOP primary in IA-01, the seat currently held by Jim Nussle. Midwest links up to a blogger in Moline commenting on some of Mike Whalen’s publicly released internal polling data. The post is worth a look, particularly for the nice dig on the location of Whalen’s corporate HQ.

He points out that the better issue for Dix and Kennedy to focus on is the fact that in 1998 Whalen moved his corporate headquarters out of Iowa into downtown Moline. The Heart of America website tries to confuse visitors, but TPP has it sussed (second item down).

Drew points everybody to this new anti-Nussle blog. I actually cringed at the rather spiteful post on Nussle’s family life: Taking Lobbyists to Bed. Yeah, great title. This blog doesn’t smell right. It’s a little too nasty with some well-sourced opposition research. How does this small town Iowa blogger know that Karen Nussle once worked for a major lobby group? We’ll have to wait and see on this one.


Side Notes and Detours resurrects some old, but good, links.


Faithful U.S. Postal customer and cocaine dealer, Michael Washington, gives new meaning to the term biggest loser.

Prosecutors said he admitted that in October 2001 he and his wife tried to obtain a package of crack sent from a source in California through the U.S. mail.

So much for Friday.

Well - Karen Nussle's links to WPP Group is pretty open knowledge. Type "karen nussle" and "lobbyist" into Google...see what you get. I don't like to offend, but seriously...Jim Nussle is one of the lowest of the low as far as GOP politics is concerned. I'd consider myself a pretty centrist Democrat that used to consider himself an independent. I just think that Jim Nussle would be about the worst thing to happen to the Hawkeye State since Steve Alford...
I agree with you on Steve Alford; it makes you wonder how long Bowlsby, same cultural creature as Alford, is going tolerate a less than basketball team.

And on Karen Nussle, I just have a thing about dragging "family issues" into campaigns. I'm assuming you're young, perhaps not married, so the whole, marriage, kids, divorce, remarriage thing is an abstraction. However, for the people living it, yeah they get used to the noise, but I am sure it still hurts.

One more thing, you didn't really address my question about your being a payed Democratic shill.
FWIW my host got nailed by the comment spam bots and is conseqently not serving pages for damn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, but I may be packing up and moving elsewhere if it isn't back up and running in the next week or so.
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