Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gronstal: A little AC-DC on the gays & lesbians in love thing

Lambda Legal’s challenge to Iowa’s Constitution has produced some political tap dancing from Majority Leader Wannabe Mike Gronstal.

‘‘I still believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.’’

‘‘The current law is supported by most Iowans. In fact, an overwhelming majority of legislators — both Republicans and Democrats — have already voted for the state law that bans gay marriages in Iowa. I am confident that the courts will uphold the current law.’’ (DMR link)


“I’m pretty confident that the court is going to uphold the state law,” Gronstal said. (QC Times link)


Senate Democratic leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs said he remains "confident that the courts will uphold the current law."

"No further legislative action is necessary at this time," Gronstal said. (DMR link)

This sounds like a politician…that didn’t attend the Gavin Newsom fete in November. Mike must have missed Newsom’s pep talk to Iowa Democrats on the importance of campaigning on lefty issues, such as extending the rights and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples. Mike’s also been ignoring the peace, love and understanding gay & lesbian mush that Rekha Basu pumps out when she's not too busy playing token at Bill Knapp style holiday payola parties.

While the Democratic politicos dance around the push to go left on gay marriage and other issues, people outside of Iowa know exactly what’s happening here. From

Lambda's 16-page petition for declaratory judgment, filed Monday in Des Moines on state constitutional grounds, makes the standard case for marriage rights and introduces six couples, three female and three male. The couples represent committed life partners of varying ages and professions who recently tried and failed to obtain marriage licenses at the county registrar.

Under Iowa law, "only marriage between a male and a female is valid." However, the state has not passed a law specifically banning recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages, and an anti-marriage constitutional amendment died in the state Senate last spring. Iowa requires two successive votes in two legislative sessions before an amendment can be sent to voters, meaning that an initiative begun next year could not reach voters before 2008.

Although the state does not ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it does include sexual orientation in its hate crime statute, and it does not have any laws against gay adoptive or foster parents.

In addition, the Iowa Supreme Court in June implicitly backed a judge who granted a request of two local women to dissolve their Vermont civil union. The justices rejected an attempt by conservative lawmakers to challenge the decision, ruling that they lacked standing to do so.

Mike Gronstal’s got a problem. Gronstal’s public talk is all about keeping the issue bottled up with comments implying that the Lambda case is no big deal.

It’s no big deal that Lambda Legal, a national homosexual rights group with deep pockets, sought out six Iowa same-sex couples to join together in filing a lawsuit to push equal protection for same-sex couples under the Iowa Constitution. It’s no big deal that the international gay & lesbian news outlets are writing detailed stories about Iowa’s same-sex legal issues. It’s no big deal that a major elected official and supporter of same-sex marriage, Gavin Newsom, shows up in Iowa to raise significant Polk County Democratic money selling same-sex marriage and other urban liberal ideas. It’s just no big deal…unless you want to be the Majority Leader of the Iowa Senate.

Let's sit back and watch Gronstal’s white heterosexual male shuffle on this one.

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