Monday, November 07, 2005

Iowa Libertarian on UNI prof breakin' out of state kneecaps

Oh, have to check out Royce over at Iowa Libertarian and his splendid research on a little homegrown intrigue perking at the University of Northern Iowa.

I would love to see the Regents' lobby defend this UNI professor cum political hatchet man to conservative leaning Ph.D. candidates everywhere. No really, a faculty member at UNI contacted the academic advisor of a PhD student in an unrelated field at Purdue University to complain about the graduate student's "professional ethics" because our state financed UNI prof took serious umbrage to PhD guy's conservative posts at Bitch Ph.D..

Chilling. And this example provides considerable support to my assumption that blogging politics can have real professional costs.

Royce is organizing a blog-in, of sorts, asking that if we find this particular behavior unacceptable, we let the folks up at UNI know. BTW -- a State 29 post with a letter to the editor written by our UNI prof.

Follow the links. Follow the chain of comments, counter comments and events. If you think it's right and proper, Email the History Professor, his Department Head and the President of UNI: Robert Koob. His office can be reached here: Office of the President, 20 Seerley Hall, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0705 - (319) 273-2566 (voice); (319) 273-6494.

I also suggest that we might want to drop a line to some of the conservative legislators sitting on Iowa's Education Appropriations Committee. These are the folks that cut the UNI checks; nothing brings heat like a little money on the table.

Senator Nancy Boettger, Co-Chair (R)
Home Address: 926 Ironwood Rd, Harlan, IA, 51537
Home Telephone: 712-744-3290, Business Telephone: 712-744-3290

Senator Paul McKinley (R)
Home Address: 21884 - 483rd Ln, Chariton, IA, 50049
Home Telephone: 641-774-5784

Senator Doug Shull (R)
Home Address: 901 Scott Felton Rd, Indianola, IA, 50125
Business Telephone: 515-961-4310 Ext.333

Rep. Royd Chambers, Chair (R)
Home Address: 1001 7th Street, Sheldon, IA, 51201
Home Telephone: 712-324-2694

Rep Mike May, Vice-Chair (R)
17024 255th Avenue
Spirit Lake, IA 51360
Business Telephone: 712-330-1455

Rep. Willard Jenkins (R)
Home Address: 1540 West Ridgeway, P.O. Box 932, Waterloo, IA, 50704
Home Telephone: 319-233-7383

Rep. Jeff Kaufmann (R)

Rep. Jodi Tymeson (R)
Home Address: 1524 Highway 169, Winterset, IA, 50273
Home Telephone: 515-462-5081

Thanks for the link IE! I'm still working on my emails to the folks at UNI.
You can find out how much he makes here:

You know, if you wanted to.
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