Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gavin Newsom shilling for the Iowa liberals

Gavin Newsom (swoon…not, the guy makes me think 'Jack Ryan') dropped into Iowa over the weekend and Monday in an effort to push the Iowa Senate left and talk politics. Everyone is talking about the visit, from all the op-ed writers to the blogging types. It’s that standard rule in Iowa, if you are new to the state and even slightly interesting, we’ll talk about you non-stop for days, see Mainstream and State29. We all need a life.

The best part is Newsom’s attempt at selling old style liberalism to Iowa Democrats. From an AP story.

… Stepping up their effort to regain control at the Statehouse, legislative Democrats were warned Sunday not to abandon the party's traditional base issues because "it's not enough to be just an opposition party."

"If you can't stand on your convictions, you've got a weak foundation," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "I would argue we've got to get our foundation in order before we embark on a journey to recapture the imagination of a majority of people."

Newsom said Democrats too often shade their views and dive to the political middle, and that has cost the party badly.

As mayor, Newsom has attacked his city's homeless problem, but is best known for his since-thwarted effort to have the city certify civil unions between same-sex couples. His message at a fundraiser for Democrats working to recapture the Senate was that issues like civil unions are precisely the sort of thing Democrats should face head-on.

Is Gavin suggesting that the Democrats in the Iowa State Senate push for gay marriage rights? Does Gavin know he’s in Iowa? Oh yeah, that sort of Democratic agenda will sell in Bloomfield, Emmetsburg, Dubuque, fill in the blank, Iowa.

Outside of cash, there is no good reason to bring a lightening rod of a politician into Iowa. Unless you ascribe to the Jack Hatch rules of political engagement, go left as far as you can.

"I want a liberal message that we don't have to be afraid of our core issues," said Sen. Jack Hatch, D-Des Moines, ... (link)
And that’s a problem, outside of the land stealing & the illegal use of opids supporting fan Jack Hatch, we didn’t see too many high profile elected Iowa Democrats cozying up to Newsom, you have to go to the Democratic websites selling to the base for that bit o’ love. Perhaps, they see this in your face sort of liberalism as not a particularly constructive method to build a winning coalition next November. It's the old put your nuts in the closet, in some cases literally, ‘til we win strategy.

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