Monday, November 21, 2005

Boswell's on the R & R schedule

I don't get it. Boswell comes back to Iowa, does a couple parades, makes an "I'm all in" speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and then he goes back to Washington to rest & recuperate. Seems he's not in the office and that means he's not voting. Jane Norman reports on the MIA Boswell in her Sunday Potomac Fever column.

When the House voted early Friday on a bill that would trim social spending by $50 billion, Democratic opponents fell two votes short of a tie vote that would have killed final passage.

Two members of the House didn't vote. One of them was Rep. Edolphus Towns, a New York Democrat.

The second was Rep. Leonard Boswell, the Des Moines Democrat who has been sidelined for two months after surgery for a noncancerous tumor in his abdomen.

... But there's no mistaking that Boswell, assuming he would have sided with most members of his party, is missed on close votes.He reportedly said earlier this month that he is feeling better and recovering nicely, so perhaps Democrats will have him back before too long.

In the meantime, Boswell's absence was helpful to House Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle as he surged over the finish line with enough votes to come home for a happy Thanksgiving.

A month ago Midwest did a little digging and discovered that Boswell hasn't been back in action since the surgery. To quiet talk of being too ill to fill the seat, Boswell came home to show some public muscle. Everyone assumes, from the JJ dinner appearance, that Boswell's back in the game and ready to go back to work. Apparently, that's not the case.

Looking over the House Clerk roll call votes, post the November 5th JJ dinner, he's missed all 38 votes, including 3 appropriations bills and the Deficit Reduction Act roll call. I'm all for the Family and Medical Leave Act, but how long before medical leave starts to look like health related retirement?

I think this calls for a weekly Boswell watch post; we'll check out the roll call votes and other information to see if we can figure out where in the world is Rep Leonard Boswell (my apology to Carmen San Diego). Congress is off for two weeks for their Thanksgiving break, so I'll start checking things out after they're all supposed to be back at work.

Moving over to the race for Governor . . .
There may be another Republican candidate. A central Iowa Judge is taking a look. Consulting with family and friends. Looking at ethical considerations - can a judge run for office? Will a campaign require resignation or a leave of absence? Over 25 years of public service. Has run for and held office as a Republican. Close ties to Ray and Grassley, worked for both. Worked for General Asssmebly. Branstad appointee. Ray appointee. Has been confirmed by Iowa Senate.
Wow...I feel like I know everything about him but his name...

Are you implying State 29 is going to run for Gov?
Wow, I have real political gossip on my blog! If you wanna, Mr/Ms A, you can write to any number of bloggers, State29, KL Snow, Midwest, etc, and we'll post up the details, if we're in a good mood.
I've got a post up about the gossip already up on my blog, IE, if you wanna check it out.

Oh, and I endorsed your Boswell watch weekly post (LINK).
I quoted and linked to this post from my blog at

-- Deborah White
US Liberals at,
a New York Times Company
This is an interesting world. Chris, I promise to link you when I rework my links section. And to usLiberals, okay, guess we're on the map.
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