Saturday, October 15, 2005

Yo Fishboy!

I mentioned Fishboy in a post about the Hemi, oh, about a month ago. I just want to use my own world space to, once again, encourage you & yours to listen to Fishboy. They have three full songs from the Little D album posted to the music section of their website @

It's not for people that need serious, somber & sophisticated music (I take full responsibility for the trite alliteration). But it is fun, in a sort of psyched out school kid They Might Be Giants sort of way. I am a particularly big fan of the tune "Cheer Up Great Pumpkin!" The refrain goes, I think,

Great pumpkin dry your eyes, I will make you apple pies. And when you're done, the world will still spin round, and though I've never met ya I could never let you down.
My oldest hates it, he's too rad (tweenier angst), but I pull the biggest smiles out of my two younger kids, i.e. anyone under ten & over thirty will smile along with the music.

Besides, it's that time of year for pumpkin songs.

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