Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tusk & Talon on the Des Moines Register's King induced indigestion

The guys over at Tusk & Talon hit the right note with their analysis of Jane Norman’s DMR story on the fundraising huzzas and woes of Iowa's congressional candidates.

The best part, although only tangentially related to the Norman piece, is their last paragraph on the love ya/hate ya fest the DMR and Iowa's Red Corner Congressman, Steve King, have got going on.

I suspect this is a good reason for why the Register has such a weird love-hate relationship with Steve. They endorse him because it just doesn't make any difference in the actual election. ... Mindful of the fact that they are constantly badgered as the "red star" by those of us on the right, they try to build themselves a little cover to the charges of being a monolithic left-wing shill by actually endorsing Steve King.
I'm not so sure the DMR cares about what the folks that read the paper think. It's all about making the product smooth and consumable for a diverse audience (always strange when the word diverse is used in reference to conservatives). However, when a news operation consistently, year in and year out, reports & places news with an eye towards specific political outcomes and their own priggish sense of correctness, it's bound to trip them up on at least a few occasions.

Give it up, an extra huzza to Steve for providing some of our news reporters an opportunity to enjoy a little wood pulp indigestion.

On the Register's King problem -- DMR editorial writers live a wedgie

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